Friday, December 5, 2008

Well this is day 2.. I don't know exactly how to get out there and see who is blogging.. But I am going to give it a try. Today is lunch with a friend and groceries for our 2nd Santa Photo shoot tomorrow.. Poor Santa didn't get a break last week so I want to be sure he has some snackies.. Sunday is dig out the Christmas stuff and work on the house, inside only, its toooooooo C O L D to worry about the outside...Then back to the sewing machine..
Talk Later

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Mindy said...

Hey Patti! Welcome to the blogging world!!

What you need to do is go to as many blogs as you can and comment on them =) We all LOVE comments!

Also go to my blog and click on The Secret is in the Sauce and sign up with them... then also go to Blog Around the World and sign up with them as well!! ( I was featured on this blog a few weeks ago... it was sooo much fun!!)

But the real trick is to commment, comment, comment! All the Bloggers LOVE it!