Thursday, February 26, 2009

It took me awhile to get back, but here I am.. I learned to knit and was doing well with it until I discovered Kniffty Knit Looms, whoa what you can do with them.. I put away the needles and began. I can make sweaters, booties,scarves,hats, you name it!! It is alot of fun and my Husband even got involved and made a beautiful shawl that we gave to a friend for her Birthday.
I got a new puppy just before Christmas, her name is JoeC, what she was supposed to be and what she looks like at 3mos old are very different!! They told us Ausie and Border Collie I really doubt that,but I will put a picture in so you can see for yourselves...
Thats it for today back to my Looming..

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