Thursday, December 4, 2008


This would be me and Wapatee and Bud and Bucki. The best part of this picture is that i
beat my husband in a drivers class. He is a natural while i work at it.
Hey, this is me and my beautiful Tobascco, he is only 33 inches tall but boy can he move..We did the Christmas Parade and I am not sure who was more tired. Mr T can do it ALL.
Ok, this is my HO HO HO husband playing Santa for Little Hooves and Harnesses Miniature Club and Happy Hooves 4h Miniature Club. He did really well had alot of fun with the kids and plans a couple of trips to Senior Homes before the big December 25..

Well i guess this kinda gives you an idea who we are and what we are about.. I hope there are others out there who would like to chat. I am usually home all day, and right now am making gifts so I have tied my self to the sewing machine and my knitting needles..

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